How do I pay for the sponsorship?

You may request an invoice or wire-transfer account and routing numbers could be made to by contacting the with Payment Network ID: 0150564301279705.

(Please note is different, and wrong).

PayPal to or through the link on the registration page.

When is the deadline for payment to ensure the discount?

The deadline for early-bird registration has passsed. Please submit your payment as soon as possible so that we can make sure we have space for you in our exhibit hall and can publish your logos on the conference web site (see Who do I send my print and digital logo to? below for details)

Can you prepare an invoice?

Yes, we are able to prepare an invoice.  An invoice can be prepared by contacting


Can I pay using a company credit card?

Yes, we accept company credit cards. Please use the registration form on the main sponsor page ( ) to register and pay by credit card.


How many passes for employee staff at the booth? (per sponsor level)

Diamond Sponsors–

5 employee passes

5 guest passes


Platinum Sponsors-    

3 employee passes

3 guest passes


Gold Sponsors–

    2 employee passes

    2 guest passes


Can we set up the night before the event?

Unfortunately not, as the meeting place is part of a main thoroughfare in the hotel


What time is set up? (Gold vs Platinum and Diamond)

Diamond and Platinum set up time is 6:30am – 7:30am (in the main area near breakfast – which starts at 8am)

Gold – 6:30am – 11:30am (the hall opens at noon)


How and when can I register my staff and guests?

Please provide the staff and guest information to

When and how do I use a discount code to register guest rooms in the hotel?

Upon registering online, use the discount code that can be provided by contacting


Do I need to choose my booth location or is it chosen for me?

The booth location are established on a first come first served basis (except the Diamond sponsor which is located in a premium area in the main hall).


Do I need to mention booth location number when I ship?

No, there is no need to mention booth location number upon shipping items to the conference.  Ensure that the company's name is prominently placed on the shipping containers.


When will my boxes be delivered? 

The conference will provide the shipped boxes to the sponsors, Tuesday morning starting at 6am.


What time can we break down and leave?

Sponsors can start breaking down their booths anytime after 5pm.


What time are drinks served until on the final day?

Drinks are served until 6:30pm.


What size pop-ups are allowed?

6 feet X 8 feet


What pop-ups or booth gear is not allowed?

We allow all pop-ups except pop-ups that are deemed excessively large, such as pop-ups wider than 12 feet.


Is electricity provided for free?  

Yes, electricity is provided at no additional charge.


Do we need to bring extension cords? 

Yes, if you you have several items that need more connections than a standard power strip.


Is WiFi free?

The standard WiFi is free.  There is faster WiFi at a minimal charge for the day.


Can we get hard wired internet access for demo purposes?

There is an additional cost for a hard wired internet connection  A wired internet connection must be requested to the Crowne Plaza hotel directly,
Phone: (650) 570-5700.


Can we get a recording of our speaker after the event?

Speakers are not recorded during the conference.


Is co-branding OK?


Who do I send my print and digital logo to?

Please upload your print and digital logo using the form via this link,


What is the deadline for getting logos to you?

Please submit logos (especially print ready) as soon as possible using the URL link above so that we can include you in the print program.

The final deadline to get logos submitted to the conference for inclusion on the website is Friday, June 15h, 2018.